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Mobile Shredding & Destruction
Western Washington & Western Oregon

Our overall philosophy is to distinguish our Document Destruction Services. The level of experience in our personalized, special attention service is outstanding. We shred paper and destroy documents throughout Washington State and Oregon State. We come to you!

If you're looking to protect your privacy and the identity of your clients and other sensitive materials in Washington or Oregon then send us an email and we'll get back to you with the information on services and pricing you're looking for. Identity theft is becoming a major crime. Protect yourself and your clients by destroying sensitive papers and records. Give us a call at Washington: 877-898-0112 - Oregon: 360-514-9011.

Check out our new feature - Articles on Shredding, High Tech, and Identity Theft - FREE downloadable Guides and eBooks. Articles like Are You A Walking and Talking Potential Crime Victim?, The Dearly Departed and Their New Credit Life, and Memory Devices Are Not Toys will entertain and inform. LeMay Mobile Shredding can destroy many types of confidential documents, including paper files, computer disks, magnetic media, audio/visual media, video tapes and DVDs, and most all media in which confidential material can be stored. We can also shred products you do not want on the market, almost all data devices including hard drives, thumbdrives, scan disks, and electronic equipment (e-waste) of all kinds.

Our shredding services range from one-time document purges and regular container services to residential pick-ups and government agencies. You are welcome to use our articles and statistic graphics on your websites or in your newsletters or Facebook postings. Call us today!


"There are so many roadblocks that can derail a good relationship, but I've experienced none with LeMay Mobile Shredding. The people are friendly and helpful when you call, the drivers bend over backwards explaining how the shredding is done. You can even watch. It's a secure service and they make me feel secure when I give them documents and records at work that contain sensitive information. I don't know if there are other shredding firms in the Seattle-Bellevue area, but I know who I recommend and who I'll use for my personal shredding at home as well."
-- Maria Mitchell - Seattle-Bellevue
We have numberous reviews from Google to Yelp. Click on the button to see seven reviews. Please, consider writing a review or testimonial about our services, too. Tell us how we're going. We love to see suggestions on how to improve our service as well. Thank you.

Paper Shredding and Data File Shredding Solutions


Here's Why We Can Promise that Your Data Won't Come Back to Bite You - Watch the Video!

Our main focus is document destruction of sensitive documents for corporate customers to protect them and their clients. But, we also perform similar services for our residential clients as well.

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We're on the road destroying documents almost every day!

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Mobile Paper Shredding and Document Destruction aimed at helping our customers with security for sensitive files. If you have any questions about our services, or if you would like to contact us for shredding, we have contact and query form on almost every page:

LeMay Mobile Shredding

Washington Toll: 877-898-0112

Washington Email: lms@wcnx.org

Oregon Toll: 360-514-9011

Oregon Email: vancouvershred@wcnx.org


Document Destruction seattle tacoma olympia.

Washington: 877-898-0112 - Oregon: 360-514-9011