Mobile shredding and destruction in Western Washington & Oregon

Mobile shredding and destruction in Western Washington & Oregon

Our motto is “excellent service does not require a contract.”

One Time Purges

From one box to thousands, we make it easy and efficient. Our professional drivers will come to your site, load your documents into a secure bin and destroy them on site.

Regular Service

We offer scheduled service ranging from weekly to every other month. You will be provided with a lockable container to secure your documents until emptied and destroyed on your service day.

Hard Drives & CDs

Our state of the art, on-site truck is able to shred your hard drive into small metal shards, completely destroying the internal platter, electronics and storage mechanisms.

Community Shred Events

While we offer shredding to individuals and businesses, not everyone has enough old files and documents to make it worthwhile for them to contact us, but there are alternatives. To make it easier to shred for many people, you can bring up to three grocery bags of your old documents to a FREE shredding party.

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Community Shred Events
Watch us Shred

Watch us shred

Our overall philosophy is to distinguish our Document Shredding & Destruction Services. The level of experience in our personalized, special attention service is outstanding. We shred paper and destroy documents throughout Washington State and Oregon State.

“LeMay Mobile Shredding provides a scheduled reliable shredding services that helps us minimize risk and comply with federal and state privacy laws.”
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